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AMP Interviews with the biggest movers and shakers in the Apartment Management Industry

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Sydney Webber

Customer Marketing Manager



Although Sydney and I have not formally met, we recently realized we have a lot in common.  We’re both redheads; we both love to sip coffee while it’s raining outside listening to Taylor Swift; we love the 90s and we love podcasts.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to her Renter Obsessed podcast, I highly recommend you check it out! 

I love dissecting words and looking for greater meaning like the word Apartment.  What sets you “Apart” and why are you “Meant” for the multifamily industry?

My background in theater and acting has really helped set me apart and have empathy for my customers, as well as anticipate how they may respond. Storytelling skills have been my secret sauce from day one. I don’t know that I’m “meant” to be in this industry, but I certainly love my home and love the fact that what we sell is the most meaningful purchase a person can make. With the stakes so high, we can do so much more to care for and connect with our customers.

How and when did you get your start in the industry?

I used to teach and compete in ballroom dancing, and eventually, I just got tired of walking people around in circles all day and was looking for a new gig. I walked into the leasing office at my apartment community and asked them if I could get free rent if I worked there a couple of days a week. I didn’t get free rent, but I got a sweet discount and an awesome career out of it!

What is one song that always puts you in a good mood?

Oh gosh, don’t make me choose! I have been listening to the Red (Taylor’s Version)album basically on repeat for the last month. Drinking coffee while it’s raining outside and listening to the “All Too Well” 10-minute version is EVERYTHING!


What are 3 tips you would give someone considering a career in multifamily?

  1. I’m going to steal a quote that Rebecca Smith from WPM said on an episode of the Renter Obsessed podcast: “Don’t let the industry dictate your future here.” You can create your own path. Find opportunities to improve your business and create strategies to make it happen.

  2. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you admire and build a relationship with them. 

  3. Life is too short to work for a company that doesn’t encourage growth and innovation.


What is your proudest moment in multifamily?

Getting to speak at AIM last year. I remember going to that conference early in my marketing career and being so mesmerized by everyone. I think I filled half a notebook with takeaways. That fact that I was up on that stage meant so much to me, and even better, I’ll be there again this year!


Who is your mentor and why?

I used to work with a product marketing director named Josh MacCracken. He’s one of the smartest marketers I know and led with such kindness and empathy. We still keep in touch, and he gives great actionable advice.


What book has left the biggest impression on your life?

Anything by Brené Brown. She gives me the tools I need to communicate with my family and the people around me and have a better understanding of myself. 


If you ever owned an apartment community, where would it be and what would you name it?

I’ve actually thought a lot about this. I don’t have a name or specific location, but all of the branding would be ‘90s/early ‘00s nostalgia. We’d play Britney and the Spice Girls in the lobby. You’d look at apartment photos on those plastic View-Master3D viewers. The business cards would be slap bracelets, the leasing office would have those purple Nickelodeon phones, and the whole place would be pastel shapes and squiggle lines. 


What is your most memorable vacation?

Hiking and exploring Kauai. We even took a helicopter and landed at the waterfall from Jurassic Park!


If our country went to 4-day work weeks, how would you spend your 5th day?

Gardening, I have the most epic garden. That reminds me — I need to go water my seedling. See ya later!

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