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Revyse bridges the gap between vendors and operators, making it easier to discover, buy, and manage multifamily software and services.

Revyse’s flagship product, the Revyse Discovery marketplace, is the multifamily industry’s dedicated vendor review platform, enabling operators to search for the top-rated products and services by category, read authentic reviews from verified users, compare features, pricing, and integrations, and make better technology buying decisions.

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Founder @ Revyse | Multifamily | Proptech

Bobbi Steward


Maybe it is the constant motion. Or the always-evolving tech. But Bobbi says that her favorite thing about her work is that it’s the perfect mashup of science and heart. With a few well-chosen words and a couple lines of code, she can influence the decisions needed to change the world.

One part tech-nerd, one part storyteller, Bobbi has worked in real estate marketing and technology for the last decade, partnering with start-ups, software vendors, marketplaces, and property management owners and operators, to help renters and home buyers find a place to call home.

Website Headshot Ben.png

Co-Founder | Revyse

Ben Steward


Revenue-architect meets entrepreneurial-spirit, Ben has made his mark in the world of multifamily real estate over the past decade.

As VP of Revenue and Head of Strategic Accounts at G5, and most recently as Chief Revenue Officer at Funnel Leasing, he formed valuable partnerships with industry operators and drove business growth for best-in-class SaaS companies. Whether infusing voice-of-customer into products and pricing, or developing partnerships to accelerate business growth for both sides of the contract, Ben brings palpable energy and integrity to the multifamily vendor-client relationship.

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