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Meet Tara Samuels, CAS
Founder & Chief Networking Officer

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While math was never Tara’s best subject in school, she knows the formula for networking success which is one-part passion + one-part tenacity.  As the Founder & Chief Networking Officer for Amplified Connections, LLC, a niched networking group, her mission is to help apartment management professionals "AMP Up" their network one connection at a time!​

Like most in the multifamily industry, Tara got her start by accident.  She spent so much time in the leasing office at her first apartment community that the property manager called her and said since you’re in the leasing office all the time, you might as well get paid for it and the rest was history!


She has worked in multifamily for over 20 years.  Half of her experience was working and living on-site in various roles.  She went over to the “dark side,” as they say, in 2009 and has been an industry supplier ever since.  Well, except that time she tried to “escape” but boomeranged right back in! 

Tara is a HUGE advocate for apartment associations!  Before moving to Georgia, she was an active participant for over 15 years at the Chicagoland Apartment Association (CAA) where she served on countless committees and completed two terms as a board member (once as a property manager and the other as a supplier). The CAA celebrated her tireless contributions by appointing her as the first recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award.


A Chicago native, she recently moved to the Atlanta area after a 5 ½ year, long-distance marriage with her husband, Rob – who’s also in the industry!  They are a blended family of five, well…six if you count their miniature schnauzer, Tigger.  


Tara loves peanut butter, podcasts, a full-bodied cab, and is one of the last people to still write in a notebook (with a pen) and carry an actual calendar.

ABOUT Amplified Connections

Since blasting off in 2013, Amplified Connections has been rocking the scene as a top advocate, resource hub, and ultimate wingman for all things multifamily! We're the cool cats—a network of apartment communities, owners, managers, suppliers, and pros all jamming together to push the boundaries of the apartment and multifamily world.

This group is all about "AMPing up" your knowledge and connections in the multifamily industry. How? By bringing in a mixtape of diverse members, grooving with the latest tech, and throwing our support behind an all-inclusive association.

Ready for the backstage pass? Our expert education, hang-out-and-chill networking, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are your golden tickets to not just level up your professional game but to make your organization soar to center stage!

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