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The SalesMail app lets you send personalized and branded video messages via email, text message, or your other favorite messaging apps. Our SaaS solution is built for professionals in multifamily housing, real estate, senior care, and everywhere great relationships are essential for generating better business outcomes.  While your competitors are sending boring emails, leaving impersonal voicemails, and wondering why they can’t connect, you’ll be using video to build trust and make a face-to-face connection!

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Walt Armentrout Headshot_edited.jpg

CEO and Co-Founder

Walt Armentrout


“We believe that good relationships are the key to good business.  Amplified Connections embodies this belief in building relationships through connecting, ongoing education, and collaborating with multifamily peers.


Tara Samuels has set the tone to create a network of individuals and organizations that reflect her passion and heart for this unique, challenging, and rewarding world that is multifamily housing.


We are thrilled to support these efforts and we look forward to getting to know each of you better!”

- Walt Armentrout

CEO and Co-Founder

SalesMail by HeartLegacy

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