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AMP's own Tara Samuels joined the team at 'Apartments on the Go' to share 5 EASY TIPS to help build genuine #connections with your residents and team. This interview is loaded with fun ideas that are EASY to implement.


You can listen to the entire episode below and check out the key-take-aways below. 


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Apartments on the Go - Ep 56Apartments on the Go Podcast
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- from 'Apartments on the Go' -

Today’s guest, Tara Samuels, has been helping apartment management professionals “AMP UP” their network one connection at a time!  Tara is a self-described networking junkie and shares with us 5 EASY TIPS to help build genuine connections with your residents and team!  With her creative ideas and bubbly personality, we guarantee you'll to love this podcast!!      

  • 2:42 – Black Belt in networking – Share applicable knowledge to help you build genuine connections with your residents with 5 EASY TIPS!

  • 3:08 – TIP #1 – DON’T EXPECT YOUR TEAM TO GET TO KNOW YOUR RESIDENTS IF YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW YOUR TEAM. Don’t get so caught up in the day-to-day operations that you don’t get to know your own team. Ask questions and get to know one another. This lets your team know they are appreciated and that you know them beyond what their job duties are.

  • 5:11 – Use my book club and share all the content. This is an easy way for you to engage your residents and team.  Check it by clicking HERE!

  • 6:45 – Where did the idea for the networking group come from?  Wanted to peel back the layers and get to know the people in her community. Forming the group helped get feedback from others by increasing approachability.

  • 8:15 – TIP #2 – EMBRACE THE QUIRKY. Have fun artwork or throw pillows with fun sayings on them that help strikes up a conversation. Natural ice breaker. Work these into your community. When you engage your residents, they are more likely to stay.

  • 10:54 – Don’t take everything so seriously. Need inspiration? See if one of your residents is a photographer and wants to take photos that you can use as artwork or hire someone to take photos of your residents and include them in your displays.  

  • 11:15 – TIP 3 – NETWORKING TAKES WORK. Fact-finding is not networking. It takes commitment and consistency to network.  Set a calendar reminder and create a mission on what you are looking for to get out of your residents. Start small.

  • 13:20 – TIP #4 – OUTREACH MARKETING DOESN’T REQUIRE ANY GPS. Start with your community. Think of all the residents living in your community and see if they will give a discount to their neighbors for exposure to their hobbies or business.

  • 16:08 – TIP #5 – STOP FOLLOWING THE CROWD. Stand out from the competition. Turn your emails into v-mails (victory e-mails). A new tool called SalesMail lets you create little video emails and helps you differentiate yourself from others.  Old-fashioned cards are also a good way to connect.

  • 18:45 – No retakes. Be yourself and show your personality!

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