“As Pear Chef continues to grow our business here in Chicago and throughout the country, our team is constantly learning new ways to delight our customers, serve our communities, and be a special resource to our property partners.


I feel so proud and fortunate to have assembled a team of such qualified chefs, hospitality experts, colleagues, and industry partners such as AMP Networking who share a passion for service and making our customers' night go right!

We look forward to serving you!

- Danielle Drabkin

Founder & CEO

Pear Chef

Danielle Drabkin.jpeg

Founder & CEO at Pear Chef

Danielle Drabkin


Danielle Drabkin is a Chicago based entrepreneur who has had experience in both institutional real estate and tech. The marriage of these two industries combined with her passion for anything culinary led to her dream vision, Pear Chef. She gets most excited about executing a seamless experience for residents and learning culinary tricks from the Chefs!