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We're always looking for talented additions to our events.

Are you interested in speaking at an upcoming A. M. P. event?   If you're,

  • A professional whose personal experience seems like a good match for one of our events

  • An expert in one or more related topic areas featured on our events homepage

  • A professional with a fresh approach, best practice or innovative tool you’d like to share, or


We want to hear from you!


Please take some time to browse our upcoming events and initiatives and fill out the speaker consideration form below to be considered for future speaking opportunities.

Speaker Consideration Request

Thanks for submitting!

Speaker Submission Guidelines and Details

There are several types of speaking roles available at each of our conferences. The number of available speaking slots at any given event is limited, and the criteria we consider vary based on the event theme, session requirements and/or subject matter specifications.

Typical roles include (but are not limited to):

  • Keynote Speakers (some including Q&A): Experienced, inspirational or motivational speakers who can address innovative approaches to achieve business results.

  • Executive/Expert Panelists: Senior-level executives who can share insights, stories, or experiences with attendees around career development or business strategies. 

  • Workshop Leaders: Expert facilitators to deliver presentations related to selected conference themes. Workshops should be highly interactive and engaging, with an emphasis on toolkits and action planning. Presentations should highlight key takeaways and action items, and participants must walk away with something that is immediately actionable as a result.

  • Best Practice or “Next” Practice Case Study Presenters: Speakers who can highlight specific company case study examples that detail the problem, process and solution with concrete steps and strategies.

  • Executive Thought Leaders: While not the main presenters in sessions, executive-level thought leaders provide experiential insight to support the main theme or topic. Thought leader insight is critical to the best company approach at many of our events—lending examples and support to highlight best practices.

Speaker Proposals/Submissions

Due to the high volume of speaker submissions, we are unable to respond to every proposal/submission—but all submissions will be cataloged in our speaker database/kept on file for future consideration. We are always interested in learning about potential speakers!

Presenters do not receive an honorarium or professional fee for their presentations, and will not be reimbursed for expenses unless otherwise notified.

Note: To be most effective, all proposals must contain:

  • Full contact information/details

  • Bio (one–two-paragraph updated bio 

  • Photo (Attach (separately to an email) a digital headshot with the following specs: minimum 3x3 inches, no less than 300 dpi, color and sent as a jpg or gif file)

  • An outline of topics and sessions of interest, along with details of specific content expertise and presentation details/takeaways

If your proposal or submission is selected, more detailed information will be requested.

We are always looking for proposals that include innovative ways to deliver content and engage participants, as well as presentations that highlight key takeaways and action items.

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