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AMP Interviews with the biggest movers and shakers in the Apartment Management Industry

If you are on a video call with Mike, you might think he founded a library in his spare time! As a voracious reader, he’s certainly a great person to turn to for a good book recommendation. He’s also the type of person who will not just tell you the way, but will show you the way with grace and courage. As the founder and host of the podcast Multifamily Collective, his mission is to “tease out the human potential in the multifamily space.” With 1,000 + episodes and counting, you’ll surely find something relatable in his show.

I love dissecting words and looking for greater meaning like the word Apartment.  What sets you “Apart” and why are you “Meant” for the multifamily industry?

As a leader, I am Team Member, First –Always. I believe in my heart of hearts that organizations exist to serve the people that serve it, and to the extent that we serve them well – the team member wins, the customer wins, the business partners win, and the investors win.

How and when did you get your start in the industry?

I started on the single-family sales side of real estate in 1994. I quickly decided that I didn’t have the patience to build a farm that would later yield the produce of healthy real estate sales commissions. So, I started buying small houses, and ten units plus/minus apartment complexes. I fit the small mom/pop or single young male property manager. I wore all the hats and spent the next two years on-call. Then I met a girl, gave the real estate and management to my parents, moved to Lubbock, Texas, and took a job as a leasing consultant in a 240 unit apartment community. The rest is history.

What is one song that always puts you in a good mood?

As of late – Say I Won’t by MercyMe


What are 3 tips you would give someone considering a career in multifamily?

  1. To grow your career and reputation, find tough problem properties, raise your hand, then go make them work.

  2. Read the book Bird by Bird and understand that everything is a process

  3. Give Grace to yourself and others - always


What is your proudest moment in multifamily?

There is not any one moment but rather a combination of moments where I see people’s intrinsic motivations combine with their innate will, and they come into their own from a character and leadership perspective.  


Who is your mentor and why?

Although I have been fortunate to have many inspiriting leaders, I define the bible and my personal faith as my primary mentor. I believe that people come into my life with the right messages at the right times. When I listen and act – things turn out well. When I fight with the message or the one delivering it – things can go off the rails.


What book has left the biggest impression on your life?

 If you have ever seen my bookshelf, you would know the great value I place on books. My top two are the Bible. And, As a Man Thinketh.


If you ever owned an apartment community, where would it be and what would you name it?

Anywhere in the Mountains. Some combination of Thrive, Retreat, or maybe Flourish or Sanctuary?


What is your most memorable vacation?

My wife and I took a month to trek through Venezuela to include an end-cap on a coastal island.


If our country went to 4-day work weeks, how would you spend your 5th day?

Reading and Hiking. I love both intensely and do them in abundance.


Mike Brewer

Chief Operating Officer

The RADCO Companies


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