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AMP Interviews with the biggest movers and shakers in the Apartment Management Industry

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Adrian Danila

Regional Maintenance Director 
Birchstone Residential


I always assumed I was the most enthusiastic person for professional networking - then I met Adrian! Whether you follow him on LinkedIn or are on a call with him, his passion for the multifamily industry really shines! He not only wants to make our industry a better place, but he also pays it forward whenever possible. Like one of his favorite books, 'Tools of Titans,' Adrian is a networking Titan in our industry! 

I love dissecting words and looking for greater meaning like the word Apartment.  What sets you “Apart” and why are you “Meant” for the multifamily industry?

What sets me apart: my approach to the challenges we are currently facing in the multifamily today, starting with the lack of qualified service personnel. I am a big believer in building a culture based on respect, kindness, and empathy. Build it and they will come! Why am I meant for multifamily: My entire career since I came into the US (except for the first 6 months) has been in multifamily. Since then, I've had opportunities I could never have dreamed of before. Now it’s my turn: I want to connect great property management professionals with great opportunities our industry offers. This is what I am passionate about and I could not see myself doing anything else.

How and when did you get your start in the industry?

It happened in 2003. I was new to the US and looking for a full-time job. A friend of mine told me that Georgia Tech was looking for groundskeepers. I applied but didn’t get the job. The word “groundskeeper” stuck with me, though. I started using the word in all of my online job searches. My lucky break came in September 2003, when I applied for a job listed on the Department of Labor website. It was a part-time groundskeeper job for an apartment community. The Community Manager took a chance with me. I’ve been in the industry ever since.

What is one song that always puts you in a good mood?

Joey B Ellis-Go For It


What are 3 tips you would give someone considering a career in multifamily?

Volunteer for the tasks nobody else wants. Invest in yourself, never stop learning. Look for individuals that have been successful in our industry, connect with them, ask them for advice, and follow their advice.


What is your proudest moment in multifamily?

It happened at one of the Atlanta Apartment Association dinners. A gentleman whom I’ve hired many years ago as a groundskeeper, now an accomplished Senior Service Manager, came to thank me for the chance I took with him and ask me if he could introduce me to his friends.


Who is your mentor and why?

I had many mentors throughout my career, but the person who influenced me the most was my grandfather on my father's side-Pantelimon “Gicu” Danila. He was the most honest, hard-working person I’ve ever met. He was not educated in a formal sense (only went to school up to fourth grade), but he understood the value of a good education. Of his five children, three went to college: two became teachers and one became a nurse. Grandpa went to WWII to fight for his country and ended up having four out of five fingers on his right hand amputated. He never complained about it and went on with his life, raising 5 children and putting them through school. Thanks to the values he demonstrated, he was one of the most respected men in his community.


What book has left the biggest impression on your life?

This is a hard pick, as I had several books that had a big impact on me. I will name two, if I may: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss and Hyper Sales Growth by Jack Daly.


If you ever owned an apartment community, where would it be and what would you name it?

It would be in Florida, walking distance from the Ocean. I would name it Atena Residences.


What is your most memorable vacation?

California, 2015-San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego. The most memorable part was driving on Pacific Highway with the mountain on one side and the Ocean on the other.


If our country went to 4-day work weeks, how would you spend your 5th day?

Between time with my family, reading and networking.

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