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"AMP Up" Multifamily Networking!

A.M.P. is the only network exclusively for Apartment Management Professionals.

  • Do you yearn for a niched networking group that makes you feel like you have a voice?

  • Do you want to hear engaging industry speakers without having to pay a fee?

  • Have you put off touring the latest and greatest properties because of a lack of time?

  • Do you long to be part of a forum where you can feel comfortable to ask questions like what supplier partners others use and trust?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this is the group for you! 


A.M.P. helps leading apartment management professionals grow through peer-to-peer learning, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and connections to like-minded experts.

Want to "A.M.P. Up" Your Knowledge of the Latest Industry Trends?

A.M.P. Networking is partnering with industry leaders to review the latest trends driving the Multifamily industry. 


By participating in our short (and we mean never-more-than-four-questions-short) survey, you'll help us better understand the trends in our industry.


You'll also be entered into our drawing in which one lucky participant will win a set of AirPod Pros from betterbot!

P.S. Reach out if you have a topic you'd like to explore!

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Available April 1st - See the Results!

TOP-TEN LISTS - 10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Network!


Check out our 10-Top list here (opens in PDF)

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ARTICLE - There's No 'I' In 'Team'


In today’s uber-competitive environment, sometimes you need to take one for the team.  Read our thought piece here! (opens in PDF)

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PODCAST - “The problem with following the crowd is it’s crowded.”


AMP's own Tara Samuels joined the crew at "Apartments on the Go" to share ideas build genuine connections with your residents and team!  Listen now!

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PODCAST - AMP's Tara Samuels sits in as co-hosts in the latest episode of 'Apartments on the Go'  


Tara Samuels steps in as a special guest host for the day and interviews Apartments on the Go co-host Matt Ruedlinger!  

Listen now!

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Our members are passionate about

A. M. P. networking!


See what they have to say.

“A.M.P. brings an innovative twist to multifamily networking! Tara and her team are deeply passionate about creating meaningful connections among industry professionals. These events are the perfect balance of informative content and efficient networking rolled into a truly enjoyable experience.”

—  JoLynn Williams

Director of Marketing and Communications

Marquette Management


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Make an AMPression

Click below to read our latest executive interviews with those making the biggest impact in the apartment management community today!

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Since 2013, A. M. P. has helped apartment management professionals "AMP Up" their
network one connection at a time. 
Ready to join us?